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Hunter Original Boots

Hunter Original

Ladies Original Tall in Black
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  • Iconic Ladies welly boots.
  • Authentic Hunter design.
  • Comfortable and fashionable
Original Short in Green
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  • Shorter wellies for men and women. 
  • Unisex wellingtons.
  • 10cm below knee
Original Tall in Navy
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  • Iconic mens welly boots.
  • Improved fit and comfort.
  • Authentic Hunter design

Including the Original which sets the benchmark for Hunter footwear, when it was first launched the Original broke all the rules: it is lightweight, neat fitting and above all, comfortable. Also, the Hunter Huntress, a more generous version of the Hunter Original designed specifically for women. The Huntress is slightly shorter in the leg than the Hunter Original having a more generous wider calf fitting.

Original Wellies

Not exactly what it states, the Original boot is the model yet the design has moved on over the years. Experience and design improvements have been used to increase the quality even more. You will still get the reliability as well as the added comfort from the latest heal design and contour feet padding. All changes made over time have had the consumer in mind and if Hunter can make the boot any better; you can rely on them to do so.

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