Brabantia Postbox B210 Steel Post Box (640506, 640544)


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Brabantia Postbox B210 Steel Post Box

The security of valuable private items is a logical requirement. Therefore the so-called front loader post boxes are now fitted with patented security slats that make it virtually impossible to empty the post box unlawfully. The post boxes are made of extra-thick steel plate, and have an extremely solid cylinder lock (2 keys are provided).

If you are often away from home, the size of your post box is very important. Brabantia post boxes are XXL size, which means they can safely accommodate several days’ worth of mail. So you don’t have to impose on other people to empty your post box.


  • Strong galvanised steel post box.
  • Large model (XXL) will hold several days mail.
  • Unique slide for pushing in mail prevents letters from being damaged.
  • Weatherproof – no wet mail.
  • Secure lock with 2 coded keys (500 different combinations).
  • Noiseless by using noise-dampening materials.
  • Suitable for wall or pole mounting.
  • 5 year guarantee.

  • White
  • Green
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    • 45.5cm x 41.3cm x 18.5cm

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