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Size A (3L)
Bin bag size guide
Bin bag size guide
Brabantia Bin Liners Smart Fix Bin Liners
Brabantia Bin Liners Smart Fix Bin Liners
Size A (3L)
Size A (3L)
Size B (5L)
Size B (5L)
Size C (10-12L)
Size C (10-12L)
Size D (15L)
Size D (15L)
Size E (20L)
Size E (20L)
Size F (20L Slimline)
Size F (20L Slimline)
Size G (23-30L)
Size G (23-30L)
Size H (50L)
Size H (50L)
Size L (40-45L)
Size L (40-45L)
Size Q (18L)
Size Q (18L)

Brabantia Bin Liners Smart Fix Bin Liners

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Key features:

  • Easy to insert neatly and to remove quickly.
  • The unique colour coding enables you to find the right bin liner.
  • A perfect fit for your Brabantia waste bin - no ugly overwrap.
  • Provided with special ventilation holes which makes it easier to insert the waste bag.
  • Easy transport and sealing band.
  • Made of extra strong quality plastic.



  • 3lt (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Yellow • Pack Code: A
  • 5lt (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Orange • Pack Code: B
  • 12lt (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Dark Pink • Pack Code: C
  • 15lt (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Purple • Pack Code: D
  • 18lt (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Dark Blue • Pack Code: Q
  • 20lt (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Blue • Pack Code: E
  • 20lt slimeline (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Turquoise• Pack Code: F
  • 30lt (20 per pack) • Pack Colour: Green • Pack Code: G
  • 45lt (10 per pack) • Pack Colour: Brown • Pack Code: L
  • 50lt (10 per pack) • Pack Colour: Grey • Pack Code: H

Discount Price on every pack!
To increase the quantity add the pack to the basket and change to the quantity required. Also available with even better savings on our Deal packs.





Size Guides / SpecificationMore

Bag Thickness for all sizes 0.1 cm approx.


3L Bag Dimensions

Height 30.0 cm approx.

Width 27.0 cm approx.


5L Bag Dimensions

Height 35.5 cm approx.

Width 33.5 cm approx.


12L Bag Dimensions

Height 50.5 cm approx.

Width 39.0 cm approx.


15L Bag Dimensions

Height 56.5 cm approx.

Width 44.5 cm approx.


18L Bag Dimensions

Height 44.0 cm approx.

Width 53.5 cm approx.


20L Bag Dimensions

Height 56.0 cm approx.

Width 46.5 cm approx.


20L Slim Bag Dimensions

Height 76.0 cm approx.

Width 39.0 cm approx.


30L Bag Dimensions

Height 75.5 cm approx.

Width 46.0 cm approx.


45L Bag Dimensions

Height 82.0 cm approx.

Width 54.0 cm approx.


50L Bag Dimensions

Height 80.5 cm approx.

Width 61.0 cm approx.


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