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Glam Bathroom Accessories

Glam Clear Acrylic Tumbler
  • Bathroom tumbler
  • Made of clear crystal acrylic so fits with any decor
  • Use for storage or drinking
Glam Clear Acrylic Corner Cosmetics Organiser
  • Looks great in bedroom or bathroom.
  • Fits corners.
  • Space for essential cosmetics
Glam Clear Acrylic Cotton Wool Canister
  • Clear crystal acrylic
  • Can be used for cotton buds, pads or balls.
  • Lid included
Glam Cosmetics Organiser
  • Holds up to 12 lipsticks
  • 4 compartments
  • Clear Crystal Acrylic
Glam 4 Compartment Box With Mirror
  • Acrylic organiser box
  • Fold-down mirror lid
  • Perfect for at home or on holiday
Glam Clear Acrylic Cosmetics Organiser
  • Clear Acrylic.
  • Comes with a useful drawer.
  • Space for essential cosmetics
Glam 4 Tier Swivel Organiser Box
  • Clear acrylic swivel box
  • Four seperate compartments
  • Ideal for storing jewellery 
Glam Cotton Ball Holder With Mirror
  • 3x magnification mirror
  • Clear crystal acrylic
  • Cotton wool ball storage sphere

Glam Bathroom Accessories

The Glam range of bathroom and beauty accessories makes a space for every little thing, and the clear crystal acrylic sits happily alongside any other decor. The range includes toothbrush holders and tumblers, soap dispensers and dishes, tissue boxes, cosmetic holders and organisers, cotton wool holders and dispensers, jewellery boxes and necklace stands, mirrors and more.

Glam's range of clear acrylic bathroom and beauty accessories is versatile, durable and easy to clean. Different items from the clear acrylic range can be mixed and matched to create the perfect selection of bathroom accessories to suit you.

Glam's range of cosmetics organisers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different amounts of compartments and drawers to contain your beauty products and make-up.

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