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Abus 200 Series Hasp And Staple

Abus 200 Series Hasp And Staple

(200/75, 200/95, 200/115, 200/135) PM ref: 850215

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Providing you with optimal security, the Abus 200 Series Hasp and Staple has been constructed from corrosion protected steel to ensure even the weather does not break in! The hasp and staple has been designed to fit doors closing flush and features hidden screws for secure installment.

Key Features

  • Available in 75mm, 95mm, 115mm, 135mm and 155mm
  • Steel construction with concealed hinge pins
  • Corrosion protected
  • Hidden screws – deters opportunist thief
  • Made in Germany



200/75 (75mm Hasp and Staple) 850215

200/95 (95mm Hasp and Staple) 850216

200/115 (115mm Hasp and Staple) 850217

200/135 (135mm Hasp and Staple) 850218

200/155 (155mm Hasp and Staple) 850219



Size Guides / SpecificationMore

Padlock Length

Padlock Width

Padlock Inner Diameter of Staple

75mm Hasp and Staple 76mm 29cm 9mm
95mm Hasp and Staple 97mm 39mm 13.4mm
115mm Hasp and Staple 116mm 47mm 13.4mm
135mm Hasp and Staple 138mm 47mm 13.4mm
155mm Hasp and Staple 157mm 47mm 13.4mm


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